Episode 19: Ecstasy Girls (1979)

October 01, 2018

Jerry Martin (Jamie Gillis) has a pretty rough life. Yes, pretty ladies hurl themselves at him, and yes, his main gig as an actor seems to be accompanying actresses to parties. But on the other hand, he doesn’t have that much money. Sad! So his agent, JC, makes him an offer: $100,000 if Jerry can film JC’s sister and JC’s four nieces having sex. JC expects to split his dying brother’s inheritance with his sister and nieces, but his brother is an arch-conservative. JC believes that Jerry’s film will get the rest of his family cut out of the will.

Ecstasy Girls is our second movie in a row with a completely meaningless title. We do get to see a cool bondage cage, so that’s fun. And Monday and Randy watched slightly different versions of the movie. Conflict! Intrigue! Plus, hear all about our dildo contest. We have already forgotten what we said about it, so give this ep a listen and remind us, please!

Cast and crew:


Full movie:


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